Best Tips for Buying Baby Strollers

Expecting a baby can be the most exciting experience for new mom-to-be, and we have all resources you need to find perfect stroller for you and your baby no matter what your budget is. Let’s get started!


Our Best Tips

Safety: As always, baby’s safety is the number one priority. Choose a stroller that is sturdy and has the right harness system for your baby. It should remain sturdy with a weight of a diaper bag or your purse on its handle. If your baby is active and tends to lend forward frequently a five-point harness system is the best option. You should also make sure the brakes works consistently and that it is easy to use. Make sure there aren’t any pinch points and sharp corners. Avoid these strollers that have recalled by the FDA.

Comfort & Ease of Use:  If you’re going to spend a lot of time pushing the stroller and taking in and out of the car, you want a stroller is comfortable for you to use and comfortable for your baby to sit in. For your baby, make sure the seat is padded and can recline in different positions; the fabric is soft and not irritating to the touch. For you, check if the height and weight of the stroller is right for you.  Check out top-rated strollers.

Price: Depending on the type of strollers you are looking for, you can find quality strollers in most price ranges starting from a hundred to several thousands dollars. Keep in mind that expensive strollers aren’t necessary the best strollers as they may consist of features that you and your baby don’t need.  A quality stroller is an investment; so don’t settle for cheap, low-quality ones. You know it when you see and feel it.


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